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Home blood pressure monitoring

Advice on monitoring your blood pressure at home.

Home blood pressure monitor

You may be asked to undertake monitoring of your blood pressure at home with a validated blood pressure monitor. This page provides information on how to measure blood pressure at home, a list of blood pressure monitors validated for home use and a form for recording you blood pressure at home. Please don’t forget to bring along your record of home blood pressure with you to the clinic.

Although there are a wide range of home blood pressure monitors available, the least expensive machines are as accurate as the most expensive ones. The important thing is that the monitor you buy appears on the list of monitors validated for home use.


British Heart Foundation 

How to measure blood pressure at home - video from BHS on optimal technique for home blood pressure monitoring (NB: External link)

British and Irish Hypertension Society 

How to measure blood pressure at home

Validated BP Monitors for Home Use

NHS Lothian Home Blood Pressure Diary