Lothian Hypertension and Lipid clinics

Who we are

Clinic and service contact details for all three Lothian locations and guidance on how to refer for the various services.

Clinics and services

Western General Hospital
Western General Hospital, Edinburgh

Western General Hospital, Edinburgh

Hypertension Service

European Society of Hypertension Excellence Centre

When: Wednesday morning

Who: Professor Simon Maxwell (s.maxwell@nhs.net)

Dr. R. Brown (roger.brown@ed.ac.uk)*

Dr. I. MacIntyre (iain.macintyre@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk)

Contact: Clinic secretary: caitlin.hamilton-jones@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk

Tel: 0131 537 1753

Lipid Service

WhenWednesday morning

Who: Professor Simon Maxwell (s.maxwell@nhs.net)*

Contact: Clinic secretary: email: caitlin.hamilton-jones@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk

Tel: 0131 537 1753

Edinburgh Royal Infirmary
Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

Royal Infirmary Edinburgh

Hypertension Service

WhenThursday afternoon

Who: Dr. H. Narayan (hafid.narayan@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk)

ContactClinic secretary: 0131 242 1481

Lipid Service

WhenWednesday morning

Who: Dr J Malo

Dr S Jenks

Dr N Shand

Contact: Clinic secretary: 0131 242 6870

St John's Hospital
St John's Hospital, Livingston

St John's Hospital, Livingston

Lipid Service

WhenTuesday morning

Who: Dr N Shand

ContactClinic secretary: 01506 523844

How to refer for the various services

Primary Care

NHS Lothian: RefHelp

Secondary Care

Written referral to clinic consultants by letter or by email*.

Urgent Referrals

Written referral by email to secretary/consultant*, with follow up to secretaries, or by contacting consultant directly by telephone.

* Important reminder

Please do not use ed.ac.uk email addresses, to communicate patient-identifiable information.