Lothian Hypertension and Lipid clinics

Dr Tom Caparrotta, B.Sc. (Hons), MB.BCh, MRCP (UK)


T Caparrotta

Dr Tom Caparrotta is a registrar in Clinical Pharmacology and General (Internal) Medicine and has specialist interests in cardiovascular risk, toxicology and pharmacoepidemiology. Dr Caparrotta graduated with commendation from the graduate-entry medical programme at the University of Wales. He was awarded the Sir George Alberti Clinical Research Training Fellowship from Diabetes UK and spends his research time harnessing ‘big data’ relating to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and their treatment from large-scale healthcare databases at the University of Edinburgh. He is a member of Professor Helen Colhoun’s research group, is an investigator on a number of clinical trial programmes, sits on committees relating to medicines management and is interested in stratified/personalised medicine.

Dr Caparrotta’s clinical interests include helping people to reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and strokes), using lifestyle advice combined with drug therapy and innovative person-centred approaches in the hypertension and lipid clinic. Other clinical duties include caring for acutely unwell people, both at the point of admission and during their journey through hospital. Dr Caparrotta also contributes to the care of poisoned persons in the specialist Toxicology unit at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.