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Non-Drug Management of Cardiovascular Risk

At all levels of cardiovascular risk, lifestyle modification should be the primary intervention used to reduce cardiovascular risk. Smoking cessation is particularly important. 


Lifestyle Factor


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  • Saturated fat: aim for <30g/d if male, <20g if female
  • Adopting a Mediterranean diet pattern supplemented with 30g extra virgin olive oil or unsalted nuts per day
  • Ensure adequate consumption of fruit & vegetables

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NHS Scotland Eat Well Guide


  • Aim for 150min moderate-intensity exercise (or 75min high-intensity exercise) weekly
  • Twice weekly: physical activity to improve muscle strength.

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NHS Scotland: Keeping Active

Weight loss

In overweight/obese patients aim for a sustained weight loss of at least 3kg. 


This also reduces the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthritis etc. which are themselves cardiovascular risk factors. 

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Complete sustained cessation

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Quit Your Way advice service


Aim for <14 units weekly, spread over 3 or more days. 

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Salt intake

  • Salt intake should be reduced as much as possible 
  • Aim for <6g/d

Action on Salt: Salt & Your Health


For more detailed clinical recommendations, see SIGN guideline 149