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High Blood Pressure Fund

The High Blood Pressure Fund (HBPF) is an Edinburgh-based Scottish charity (SC004307) dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of high blood pressure and improving its treatment.

 We run awareness events across Scotland, publish information leaflets, provide professional information, advice and support to clinical staff, and create and contribute to guidelines. The HBPF also supports vital research, helping to launch the research careers of a number of scientists, physicians and nurses, and underpins research published in internationally leading journals, including the British Medical Journal, Circulation and The Lancet. As part of our educational offering, the HBPF has organised an annual symposium on hypertension at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh over the last 20 years and provides training for clinicians (physicians, nurses and pharmacists) in blood pressure measurement.


One in three adults in Scotland is affected by high blood pressure (hypertension), of whom a third are unaware that they have the condition.  Because there are no obvious symptoms, it is a condition that is widely ignored, or underestimated, but hypertension remains the leading cause of strokes and heart attacks  in Scotland and worldwide. Every pound we receive, and all of our research and awareness effort, is devoted to lowering the nation’s blood pressure.  Thousands of deaths and disabling strokes can be prevented each year by improving awareness of the condition, ensuring that everyone gets their blood pressure checked and, for those who need it, making sure that effective treatments are available. Even simple lifestyle measures help reduce blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health. We receive no government funding and are entirely dependent on charitable donations to undertake this vital work. 


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To hear more, please contact the charity (d.j.webb@ed.ac.uk)